Updated 6/1/21


This page of documentation becomes a legal and binding contract once the reservation fee and damage deposit payment is received.


An event director is needed to ensure well planned, organized events take place at WLH. Wedding events will not take place without an organized, detailed timeline in place. This timeline should be turned in 10 days before wedding date. Please ask about our in house event directing service if needed. All events have to end by 11pm. If you wish to stay later than this, please ask about the additional fees for extra hours for our staff. We do not have outdoor audio in place and require that for outdoor ceremonies, the renter hire a professional DJ or an instrumentalist (violin, guitar, harp). No iPod/bluetooth speaker setups or the like allowed. Ceremony music has to be professionally executed.

Any and all decorations are solely your responsibility. Whitehurst Lake House décor, such as paintings, mirrors, and candle sconces are not to be removed. All of your decorations/rental items must be removed and taken with you at the conclusion of your rental time. This includes if you use a professional decorator. A breach of contract fee will be charged if you or your decorator fails to abide by this per the contract. No decorations are allowed that leave any kind of residue. This includes, but not limited to: confetti, sparkles/sequins/glitter, silly string, loose marbles, stones, feathers, beads, etc, either inside or outside our facility. No tacks, staples, pins, or tape on walls. Candles within glass hurricanes and floating candles are allowed on tabletops. No artificial flower petals or artificial flowers are to be used under the patio, pavilion, or on the dock outside (fresh or dried florals only must be used outside).


Our white resin padded seat chairs are available for rent for $2 each if they are not included in your venue rental. This includes a one-time setup under the pavilion or on the seating platform by the wedding dock. A decision on where the chairs are to be placed must be made by 12pm the day before your event (there should be a good hourly forecast by that time). If you have not given your decision and cannot be reached, a placement choice will be made for you. After the chairs are set up, they are the renter’s responsibility to move due to weather, etc.


Whitehurst Lake House is not responsible for the purchase of or disbursement of alcohol.  Our property is not permitted for hosting a cash bar or for any alcohol sales. If your catering staff is handling purchasing and serving alcohol to your guests, please be familiar with the Laws (#3) and Rules (#4) listed below. If you are getting bar service through your caterer, ask WLH if we have a copy of the caterer’s insurance on file. If your caterer carries host liquor liability insurance and is serving your alcohol, you do not have to purchase event insurance. If you, the client, are purchasing the alcohol to be served to your guests, you must 1- hire a WLH bartender for serving (email April to reserve), and 2- you must acquire Event Insurance. An additional permit is required to serve hard liquor (described below in #1, 2).

  1. Permit. If you are serving liquor on our property, you must apply for a one-time special occasion permit. The ABC website should be helpful. This permit is not required to serve beer, wine, or sparkling wine/champagne.
  2. Insurance. If you, the renter, are purchasing the alcohol to be served to your guests, WLH requires you to purchase event insurance with host liquor liability coverage. This needs to be done 30 days prior to your event, and a copy should be emailed/mailed to WLH. Your insurance agent can get a policy for you, or you can purchase one easily online (theeventhelper.com is one site that carries). The cost of event insurance is approximately $150, depending upon number of guests. If you are getting bar service through your caterer, ask WLH if we have a copy of the caterer’s insurance on file. If your caterer carries host liquor liability insurance and is serving your alcohol, you do not have to purchase event insurance.
  3. Laws. BY LAW, NO ONE UNDER 21 MAY CONSUME OR TASTE ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES. Management may ask guests for identification to verify age. Whitehurst Lake House reserves the right to ask the entire party to leave if a minor is consuming alcohol or if an adult is providing alcohol to a minor. The party renting our facility shall ensure that no underage drinking is allowed. We assume no responsibility or liability for underage drinkers. You, as the buyer of alcohol, are liable for anyone drinking alcohol at your event. All bartenders are obligated to check IDs for age verification and refuse to serve anyone who has had too much to drink.
  4. Rules.
  • a. ALCOHOL IS NOT PERMITTED BEYOND THE TREE LINE OR IN THE PARKING LOT AREA. Your guests are welcome to have alcohol inside our building, under our pavilion, or in the dock area. If alcohol is being consumed in the parking area, the guest will be notified of our rules once and if not obeyed, asked to leave the property. If ALE becomes involved, you, the renter, will be responsible for all fines.
  • b. ALL ALCOHOL CONSUMED AT WLH IS SERVED BY A BARTENDER. ALCOHOL CANNOT BE PLACED IN SELF SERVE TUBS. There must be a bartender present where alcohol is served. If any alcohol is being consumed on the WLH premises, it should have come from a bartender – if not, you will lose your security deposit and be asked to leave the property. This includes alcohol consumed by family and wedding party before the ceremony, or during your rehearsal/rehearsal dinner. If your wedding party would like to drink alcohol before the ceremony (not recommended), this needs to be done off WLH’s premises, unless a bartender is hired for pre-ceremony time.
  • c. No Glass Beer Bottles. No keg stands on lake house property. No shots of liquor are to be served; mixed drinks are allowed.


The lake house has an inside capacity of 320 standing guests (without table and chairs) and about 150 seated. You are welcome to use our attached pavilion and the lake house grounds for additional tables, seating, tents, etc. You are responsible for setting up additional tables/seating you have rented unless stated in your venue rental package. Tables and chairs are available for rent for the pavilion, patio, and dock.

Tables, chairs, and barstools inside the lake house are not to be removed or placed outside the lake house unless prior approval is given by WLH staff. We would be happy to arrange rental for outdoor tables and chairs for you. Keep in mind, in addition to the number of tables needed for guest seating, you may need the following: tables for food, extra beverages/punch, cake, discarded dishes, gifts, favors, and signature books/frames (this is especially important to note for outdoor only events).

This is a smoke free facility. Smoking is allowed outside with proper disposal stations around the pavilion area.

 First aid kits are located under the sink of each bathroom. Fire Extinguishers are located behind the bar and by the staff storage room.

All food must be disposed of into kitchen waste bins by catering staff. No food is to be left outside. Your guest tables are to be cleared of all food within an hour of the conclusion of your meal. A WLH staff member will be present during your event to switch out full waste bins and refill paper products in the restrooms. If there is excessive clean up to be done because of bodily fluids or waste on the surrounding grounds instead of in the bins, the renter will lose the damage deposit.


Whitehurst Lake House requires that only professional insured caterers are hired to cater your event.  (No bring-a-dish meals, no meals by friends/family members.)  We can provide you a list of caterers that are familiar with Whitehurst Lake House. You are responsible for setting up a meeting time for your caterer to visit our site if they are unfamiliar with the layout. Whitehurst Lake House shall not be held responsible if the caterer cancels, and no refunds will be given in the event the caterer cancels. No food is to be cooked in the Lake House kitchen, only heated. No roasters may be used inside. You are responsible for ensuring your caterer collects all their equipment and removes and/or disposes all food into the proper trash cans. Please talk with your caterer about who is responsible for clearing your tables throughout your event. If food is left on your guest tables, serving tables, or kitchen area, you will lose your security deposit. WLH staff is not responsible for bussing your tables.


All traffic associated with your event must use the entrance on 1515 Sticks Road. The Whitehurst Lane Gate is not to be used and will not be opened as this is a private entrance for residents only. The Lake House is located in a gated community on private property. All wedding vendors should have a prearranged time for delivery and pick-up if outside your venue rental hours.  If you would like a list of local vendors, please email April.

Up to two parking attendants provided by WLH will be present for the first hour of your event for events with 100+ guests. Your guests are parking in a natural setting without borders. It is recommended one attendant per 100 guests. If you are expecting over 200 guests, WLH can provide additional parking attendants for $100 each.


A damage/breach of contract deposit in the amount of $350.00 is due upon reserving a date at Whitehurst Lake House. Your deposit (less any damage charges) will be refunded by mailed check within 21 business days following your event. Please make sure WLH has your after-event mailing address for this.

You are liable for any damage done to Whitehurst Lake House property. If repairs or replacement costs exceed the damage deposit, you will be responsible for the excess amount, and charges will be made.

Cancellations must be received in written/emailed form. All payments submitted by the renter will be retained minus the damage deposit of $350. If cancelled event is within six months of notice, the damage deposit will be retained as well. Whitehurst Lake House retains the right to rent the facility if a cancellation occurs. Whitehurst Lake House reserves the right to change the conditions of, or cancel this contract up to 90 days prior to rental. If Whitehurst Lake House cancels this event, all payments will be refunded.


Whitehurst Lake House cannot and will not be responsible for acts of God, inclement weather, or your change of plans. Whitehurst Lake House will not be held liable for injuries or property damage/loss to others during this function, including, but not limited to: death, personal injury, property damage, or any other incidents that may occur to any person(s) by use of the building and premises during the term of this contract. The term of the contract starts when the first representative (guest/vendor) arrives on the property and concludes when the last person leaves the property.


Please make sure your guests are mindful and respectful of the neighboring private residence. Absolutely no trespassing onto that property (including the swimming pool) or law enforcement will be called, and your entire party will be asked to leave Lake House property.

No jumping/walking/dipping/swimming in the lake. No objects or people are to be thrown or placed into the lake.

No bottle rockets, firecrackers, or any other fireworks are allowed. Sparklers are allowed outside on the grass but not under the pavilion.

No Chinese (floating) lanterns. Absolutely no firearms are allowed on Lake House property.

All music must cease by 11pm.

Whitehurst Lake House personnel and Judson Whitehurst (neighboring private residence) have the authority to contact law enforcement officials to protect Whitehurst Lake House property and personnel.